Au Naturale In The Common At Glastonbury…

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ByGez Smith

Last Glastonbury, myself and Guy went and did a Lost Horizons naked sauna in the Tipi Field. So when we got back on site, we got to planning how to top that this time.

Turns out Los Artistas Bohemios in The Common are running life drawing classes every night.

From 9pm to 11pm, the public can paint professional models. From 11pm to 6am, the roles reverse, and professional artists paint members of the public who volunteer to model

Sounded promising.

So last night, we headed over the The Common to give it a go. We were booked in for 11pm, and Guy Lloyd was ‘late’, so I had to dive in solo.

gez nude modelling the common glastonbury small

I’ve said it before, but being naked in public is an immensely relaxing thing. I was sat naked on a stage in front of a spotlight, whilst two men scrutinised every inch of me, and dozens of the public wandered in and took photos.

How is that relaxing? Well, when your worst nightmare is happening to you, all your others troubles pale into insignificance, so you end up feeling really chilled.

I also got the two paintings that were done to take home with me. Here they are on the wall on Worthy FM HQ.

gez nude paintings

We might be going back tonight with a group of us for more of the same, keep an eye out…

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