Where Can You Listen To Worthy FM?

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ByGez Smith

Obviously if you want to listen to Worthy FM online, it doesn’t matter where you are.

When we’re live during the festival, we’ll have a ‘listen live’ link at the top of this site, so you can listen to us online at home, at work, or wherever you are through your smartphone.

But if you want to listen to us on 87.7FM, we thought the map below might be handy.

Worthy FM Coverage Map

It’s a map showing how far in theory the signal from our transmitter should reach all around the site.

Roughly speaking, the red area is where you can listen to us on a regular portable FM radio, and the blue area is how far we should reach if you’re listening in your car. The purple bit in the middle is where you can hear us on anything you care to use pretty much.

You may notice that we go farther south than we go north.

Here’s a photo from the stone circle the other night to show why.

Pilton HIlls And Worthy FM Glastonbury Festival Transmitter

However, where a computer model says we’ll reach and where you can actually get our signal are never quite the same thing. We’ve had lots of people say they can hear on the M5 for starters.

So we’d like your help in testing out our range this year, more details of that once we’re on air…

If You Go Down to Arcadia Today…

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Worthy FM second studio location in Arcadia

… you’re sure of a BIG surprise! Nestled in front of the Glade, in the heart of Arcadia, we’ve been beavering away on a very special project: the Worthy FM Second Studio.

That’s right, another studio that Worthy FM will be broadcasting from this festival, and that’s not all – we want you to pop by for a cuppa and say hello, live on air. Inspired by our 2012 visit to Burning Man we decided to create a base close to the centre of the festival, that listeners and festival goers can access.

Shows will be split between Worthy FM HQ (beyond the Pyramid Stage, close to the Medical Centre) and our new home in Arcadia. This year Arcadia is located next to the Other Stage, Glade area and Leftfield, so keep a lookout for dynamic fire shows, peculiar goings on and roving radio reporters (that’s us, by the way). So if you want to share a poem, tell us about a sensational band you’ve just seen, or what you’re most looking forward to at Glastonbury 2013, step inside our Second Studio and share your thoughts with Worthy FM listeners.

We’ll be bringing you more information on the second studio and how YOU can get involved later in the week, but for now here are a few snaps of the studio being built.

Worthy FM's Second Studio going Arcadia Lawrie Hallett and Steve Satan putting up the antenna on the second studioWorthy FM crew get a sneak peek at the new Arcadia studio

Top to bottom: The second studio being manoeuvred into its new home in Arcadia; attaching the almighty antenna to the top of the studio; Worthy FM crew checking out the new studio for the first time last night.

Worthy FM’s Third Podcast!

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ByGez Smith

The festival’s so nearly started now, and those two long years of waiting will soon be a distant memory. So we thought we’d give you something fun to listen to whilst you’re doing your final bits of shopping, packing and traveling.

This third podcast contains more information on what Worthy FM will be up to on site this year, including our schedule for the week, as well as show previews from our breakfast, green fields and late night areas shows. There’s also news on all the different ways you can contact us on site this year, and new crew member Bobzilla from the Burning Man Festival stops by to say hello too.

Mixed in with that, we’ve got content from our time on site in previous years, including interviews with mexican wrestlers and Gentleman’s Dub Club, and music from the Bluetones and the Travelling Band.

The next time you hear us, we’ll be live on air. Hoorah!

Use the player below to listen to the podcast now, or click ‘download’ and listen to it later…

Worthy FM’s Glastonbury 2013 Schedule

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ByGez Smith

So, you’ve packed your FM radio, or you’re going to listen online through your smartphone, but what are you going to be listening to on Worthy FM this year?

Well, wonder no more, as our schedule is now up for you to check out.

Worthy FM covers all parts of the festival, not just the main stages, so this year we’ve got shows focusing on the Green Fields, the Leftfield Tent, Theatre, Circus, Cabaret, Kidz Field, late night areas and a whole load more.

We’ll be broadcasting live 24 hours a day from the Monday before the festival opens to the Monday when it closes. So you can listen to us whilst you’re doing your last bits of packing at home, in your car on the way down, or any time you like once you’re on site.

Even if you’re not at this year’s festival, you can always tune in online and pretend you’re here with us.

Click here to check out our schedule for Glastonbury 2013.

It’s going to be epic.

Worthy FM Podcast Number 2!

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ByGez Smith

A little later than expected, but better late than never, here’s the next Worthy FM podcast for your listening pleasure.

Based on your feedback from the last one, we’ve upped it to over half an hour of music, interviews, features and information about what Worthy FM will be doing on air and on site this year during Glastonbury Festival.

Names like Pixie Geldof, Marcus Brigstocke and Tom Baxter are joined by Worthy FM’s Guy, Michelle and the legendary Daddy Teacha. There’s also news on how you can come and say hello to us in Arcadia this year too…

Use the player below to listen to the podcast now, or click ‘download’ and listen to it later…

Kids Show 2013: Introducing guest presenter Courtney

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On Wednesday we brought you an interview with one of our established Kids Show presenters and today it’s the turn of Worthy FM’s latest Kids Show recruit to get a grilling. Courtney is the niece of our Licensee Joanne Schofield and will be taking to the airwaves this festival alongside our presenters Phil, Hayleigh and Jack.

Kids Show presenter CourtneyHi Courtney! You’re new to the WorthyFM team for 2013, so tell us a bit about yourself!

Well, I’m 16 which means I’m in my last year of secondary school and just about to finish my GCSEs. I enjoy things like reading and drawing because I’m quite a quiet person, but on the other hand I also love performing in front of audiences and acting.

What are your Glastonbury experiences to date?

A few years ago now, when I was younger, my aunt Joanne took me to the site before the weekend when everything was being built and set up. I remember thinking how massive the site was and how diverse and different it was to what I was expecting. I used to think it was just music but now I know that it’s much more than that.

How are you feeling so far about coming to Glastonbury 2013?

I’m so excited but I’m also nervous because I’m not going to know many people. I think the experience is going to be incredible, as well as the atmosphere, and I literally cannot wait!

Since the line-up has been announced which band or artist are you most looking forward to at the festival this year?

The line-up this year is amazing! There are so many acts there that I love, I’m excited because Example is going to be there because I’m a huge fan of his, but I also love Mumford & Sons and I think they are so unique and talented.

What would be a Courtney ‘Top Tip’ for people coming to Glastonbury for the first time?

Definitely to bring wellies and a raincoat because the weather is so unpredictable.

Tell us what your dream festival line-up would be…

If Taylor Swift performed at Glastonbury, that would be it for me, I think she’s incredible! I think it would also be amazing to see Michael Bublé and Florence + The Machine because they both have powerful voices.

What do you think of the 2013 line up so far?

I’m so excited, it’s one of the best line ups for Glastonbury I’ve seen, there are so many diverse acts and something there that everyone will love.

What are you most looking forward to on the Kids Show this year?

I love working with children so the Kids Show is going to be so fun, I’m just looking forward to meeting new people and having the opportunity to work with a younger audience.

Kids Show 2013: Introducing guest presenter Jack

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One of the things we do best at Worthy FM is creating shows for every age group. In recent years our daily afternoon Kids Show has been a highlight for listeners and the Worthy FM crew, and this year it’s back again with guest presenter, Jack.

Jack Worthy FM Kids ShowHi Jack. Welcome back to the Kids Show team for 2013. For anyone who hasn’t heard you on the radio before, tell us a bit about yourself!

Well, I’m Jack, I’m twelve, I like the colour blue and my favourite food is chilli.

What are your Glastonbury experiences to date?

I can remember going to Glasto with my family for as long as I can remember. I do remember one year where I found this amazing panini bar it was awesome.

How are you feeling about coming back to Glastonbury 2013?

Amazing! I have to say I’m looking forward to seeing more bands.

What was your highlight of working on the Kids Show in 2011?

If I had to choose I’d say when we went and got some of those wraps from the chicken stand which was actually a big red double decker bus! It was all part of a challenge that me and Caiomhe were set on the Kids Show.

Which band or artist are you most looking forward to at the festival this year?

Arctic Monkeys, definitely.

What would be a Jack ‘Top Tip’ for people coming to Glastonbury for the first time?

Have fun and see lots of people performing!

Tell us what your dream festival line-up would be…

Green Day, then Muse, and then finally Fall Out Boy.

What do you think of the 2013 line up so far?

I haven’t had time to properly study the line-up yet. But what I have seen I think looks cool.

Finally, who’s your favourite on the Kids Show, Hayleigh or Phil?

Out of Hayleigh and Phil it has to be… RASTA MOUSE!

Send Us Your Sweepers…

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ByGez Smith

Do you like talking?

Do you know lots of different words?

Do you know how to put those words in an interesting order?

Do you want to hear yourself on Worthy FM at Glastonbury Festival this summer?

If so, then here’s your chance to be heard by tens of thousands during the Glastonbury Festival.

Every year, Worthy FM puts together lots of little segments of audio, which we play to link things together and help people know which station they’re listening to. In the trade, they’re called things like ‘sweepers’ and ‘idents’, but you probably know them better as ‘Those Worthy FM things they play at the end of a song before a presenter starts talking again’.

This year, we’d like to invite all of you out there to have a go at recording one of these, then send it in to us.

If we like it, we’ll edit it professionally, perhaps add some music or sound effects to it, and put it in the collection of ones we play on air during the festival this year. So if your submission is chosen, you could be heard on air again and again and again throughout the week of the festival.

You don’t have to be a radio professional to do this, or even someone who’s done radio before. We’re looking to hear from anyone and everyone. We can’t offer you any prize for it either, other than the prize of being heard on air for a week all across the greatest festival in the world. Which is pretty cool in itself.

Interested? Here’s the criteria;

  • Record no longer than 10 seconds of audio
  • Save it in MP3 format
  • Email it to audio AT worthyfm.com

What We’re Looking For

We don’t want to specify what we’re looking for too much, as we want you to be creative. However, your audio must be clearly audible and free from background noise, but you can record audio like that directly into most laptops these days.

Typically our idents contain phrases like ‘On 87.7fm, and online, this is Worthy FM’, or ‘You’re listening to Worthy FM’, so do try to include ‘Worthy FM’ in there at some point. Humour is often good, but if it’s offensive we can’t use it. We also can’t broadcast regular plugs for your band / company / Tumblr or whatever too, so  best leave those out of it, and keep it focused on Glastonbury Festival and /or Worthy FM.

For reference, here are some of the ones we’ve used in previous years. Don’t be too influenced by them though, surprise us!

Worthy FM’s First Podcast – Competition Winners

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ByGez Smith

A while ago, we got thinking. We record hundreds of hours of audio at every Glastonbury Festival, and most of it goes out on air during the festival itself. After that though, it just sits on our hard discs, unheard and unloved. So, last year, we started putting some ‘Listen Again‘ content on this website, to let people listen to us all year round.

Still though, we could do more. We get loads of news about what’s going on about each year’s Glastonbury Festival in the months before it happens, so why not combine our audio from previous festivals with up to date news about what’s happening at the next one?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Every month between now and next June, we’re going to be putting out our own podcast, looking back at previous Glastonburys, and talking about what’s going to be happening at Glastonbury 2013.

There’s a lot of new stuff at this year’s festival to get excited about, and as soon as we can tell you about it, we will.

So, below is our first podcast. For those of you who entered our crew competition, the two winners are announced in there. We’ve also got news about how you can get involved with the Shangri-La area this year, and a new chance for each and every one of you to be heard on air across the Glastonbury Festival site at Worthy FM this June.

There are also interviews with Lady Gaga, Fatboy Slim and Nick Clegg, as well as live music from the Levellers and Stornoway.

You can subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes if you want, just search for us in the iTunes store. Otherwise, we’ll be posting them on here every month between now and next June.

This is our first podcast, so it would be great to hear from you about what you like about it, what you don’t like, and what you’d like to hear more of. Leave us a comment below, or on the Worthy FM Facebook page, or tweet us @worthyfm, or just email hello@worthyfm.com.

Use the player below to listen to the podcast now, or click ‘download’ then listen to it later…

Shangri-La At Glastonbury Festival 2013 – Got A Good Idea?

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ByGez Smith
Phil Hall and Guy Lloyd are U2 In Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival 2010

Worthy FM’s Guy Lloyd and Phil Hall turned into U2 down in Shangri-La, Glastonbury 2010. Do you have a better idea?

Summer may seem a long time away in all this snow, but the lovely folk over at the legendary Shangri-La area are on the lookout for your ideas to use at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

Here’s what they’re after…

Feeling creative? Have an idea for a performance or art project or maybe you just want to get involved in some capacity? NOW is the time to get in touch and let us know.

We are looking for creative, themed specific installations, venues, performers, etc to collaborate with to help bring Shangri-La to life as we journey through the depths of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.

We will be reviewing proposals throughout February and will let everyone know by the end of Feb if we want to bring your idea into the fold.

If you are interested and want to get involved send your proposals or questions to: info@shangrilaglastonbury.co.uk

If you want to see the sort of ideas they’ve been having already, then they put some initial moodboards up a couple of months ago. Click here to see them.