Campo Pequeno, a sneak preview…

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ByGez Smith

Campo Pequeno is a new venue this year in The Common, a latin themed bull ring, with all sorts of interesting stuff going on in it. mexican wrestling, bull fighting and all sorts of other surprises. Don’t worry, the bull’s not a real live one, but something rather more impressive…

We’ve just been given this sneaky shot of the Campo Pequeno venue by the lovely people at The Common, so we thought we’d share it with you here. Not finished yet, but it already looks like it’s going to be a goody.

Campo Pequeno

Sarah Bennetto Meets Up With Summer Camp…

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Summer Camp

Summer Camp is the name given to that clever Mr Jeremy Warmsley & his radiant-voiced partner, Elizabeth Sankey’s dreamy indie band. Their spooky, bittersweet sounds will make the perfect accompaniment to a sun-drenched afternoon spent lolling about in the grass at Glasto. You’re going to love them.

Worthy FM’s Sarah Bennetto caught up with the band in anticipation of their set at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

What time are Summer Camp playing on the Friday on the Oxlyers in West stage?
We’re playing at 1pm, so pack a picnic!

How many Glastonburys have you both been to?
Jeremy’s been once, when he was playing keys with Emmy the Great, (who’s on after us). It’s Elizabeth’s first time, be gentle with her Glastonbury.

Do you have bespoke wellies for this year’s Glastonbury appearance?
We were going to take the actual wellies we took to actual summer camp when we were kids but they don’t fit any more. And they’re made to look like frogs.  So it’s standard Hunters I’m afraid.

Can audiences expect any special on-stage antics when watching Summer Camp at Glasto this year? Props? Pyrotechnics? Costume changes? Fist-fights?
We’ve replaced all the melodies on the songs with portentous spoken word sections. Just seems to fit better somehow. Also, we’ve discovered a rhyme for the word ‘orange’.  Big news.

Where do you fall on the scale of festival rider requests?: ‘1’ being you are very modest mice, ’10’ being outrageous demands for baby yak milk, etc.
We’re a 7. Neither of us drink alcohol, which frees up a bit of rider real estate for some of the real naughty stuff: raspberries, Tropicana and chocolate-covered raisins.

What’s your one tip for festival survival?
Stick close to your friends. You lose your friends, you’re in trouble. If you want to fashion some sort of harness to them so no one gets left behind: do it.

Who else will you be hoping to take a sneaky peek at during this year’s Glastonbury?
Loads of things! Beyonce is a must… Metronomy, Egyptian Hip Hop, Cults, Emmy… it’s a great line-up this year, as always.

Guy Lloyd’s Beyonce Mission For Glastonbury 2011

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I’m counting down the days to Glastonbury but in my line of work, this doesn’t mean sitting around humming Coldplay songs and cleaning my wellies in preparation for the biggest music festival on earth. My work starts way before the festival. That’s because I am Worthy FM’s official celebrity stalker. That’s right; I stalk celebrities, bands and Andrew Marr for a week. It’s not a job title that would hold up in court, granted but ‘backstage interviewer’ would be doing my role a disservice.

You see, I stake out celebrities long before they rock up to Worthy Farm. I have dossiers on their lifestyles, eating habits and nocturnal movements, just so I know what to expect when they come to Glastonbury. Then I can seek them out, charm them and bag the interview for the radio station.

Guy Lloyd meets Jake Shears and BabyDaddy from Scissor Sisters

The Scissor Sisters finally realise their dream of meeting Guy Lloyd

Previous victims have included everyone from Damon Albarn to Russell Grant, the Scissor Sisters to the Geldolf sisters, and Lily Allen to Harry Enfield. Some of them were planned stakeouts, some were tip-offs, all were perfectly executed. No-one is safe from me and my mic recorder. I’m like the Nigel Havers of the paparazzi world. Charming but with a killer instinct to get what I want.

Andrew Marr (founder of the super injunction, blame him Giggsy) flatly refused to be interviewed by me. Minutes later, I had the interview and a cosy photo in the Worthy FM bag.

Guy Lloyd meets Andrew Marr backstage

Guy asks Andrew Marr some tough questions about headliner clashes

So what of Glastonbury 2011? Well, the number 1 target has to be Beyonce. She’s one of the biggest stars in the world today and she’s going to be knocking around in a farm in Somerset. Sounds easy but it won’t be. She’ll have an entourage, she may even have her husband (he looks hard) but I have information, from ‘my sources’ that the girl will be camping. A simple two man tent, to be shared with Jay-Z, up in the hills somewhere. She’ll be wearing waterproof trousers (‘Bee’ hates getting wet), she has a mag-lite torch (meaning she will come out at night and watch Coldplay) and she bought some firelighters (meaning she’ll do an acoustic set by a fire in the Greenfield’s).

How do I know this?

Well, I don’t usually reveal my sources but my mate Dave, has served in her in Millets.

Beyonce; I’m coming to get you.

Glastonbury 2011 – Gez’s Recommendations Part 2!

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ByGez Smith

So then, I got to ‘D’ last time, let’s carry on with the second part of my Glasto recommendations, starting with ‘G’.

Gentleman’s Dub Club + P Money

I first saw these guys a few years ago at Sunrise Celebration, where they turned an empty mid afternoon Chai Wallah’s tent into a seething mass of people having it large in under an hour. They’ve gone from strength to strength since, headlining festivals like Shambala last year, and if there’s any justice in the world, this year may be your last chance to see them on a smaller stage. Absolutely unmissable.

Iration Steppas

One of the ‘big three’ of UK Dub Reggae sound systems at the moment, Mark Iration is a master of proper dub that makes your lungs vibrate. Remember seeing him at Glastonbury 2007 berating the sound guy at the tent he was in to turn it up, claiming that his own personal sound system would be louder than the one the festival had. He’s not wrong, but he’s just as good on a festival soundsystem too. If you’ve run out of energy to dance, just go along, loosen your limbs and let the bass shake you about.

Jah Wobble & The Nippon Dub Ensemble

I love Jah Wobble. Around in the punk days of the Sex Pistols and so on, he went on to form P.I.L. with Jonny Rotten, and has always just done interesting stuff, including some great ambient work and of course with his English Roots Band, which I once saw play at a rather unlikely nightclub. It featured someone playing a sackbut with him sitting at the back in a suit on a plastic chair playing his bass in quite a disinterested way. This year he’s with his Nippon Dub Ensemble, which I reckon will be a performance people will be talking about for a long time to come.

Kool & the Gang

Kool and the Gang man! Kool and the Gang! Last year we had funk legend George Clinton on the West Holts stage, and they’ve pulled another blinder getting Kool and the Gang this year too. I love a bit of proper funk, and these guys are just that. If you don’t know them, you’ll know their tunes for sure…

Lee Scratch Perry

I wish I hadn’t used the word legend so often in these blogs posts so far, but in a way it wouldn’t be enough to describe Lee Scrath Perry anyway. The man practically invented Dub Reggae, produced some of its biggest hits, and is completely bonkers to boot. I saw him last year and he’s still on top form, and whilst I’m not really much impressed by celebrity these days, I’ll be down the front for this one, hoping to touch the hem of his cloak like some crazed fanboy.

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer

A gent who’s risen to fame primarily due to his Youtube videos, Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer is trying to bring manners and correct grammar back to the genre of hip hop with just a banjolele, moustache was and a hat set at a jaunty angle. He’s properly hilarious, and just the sort of thing to go down a storm at Glastonbury. i interviewed him for Worthy Fm last year too, lovely bloke.

My First Tooth

I was lucky enough to get to go along to see the live final of the Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent Competition back in April, and for me the winners on the night were My First Tooth. One of those bands that has a real infectious passion for what they do, combined with some proper talent (the lovely Sophie’s multi instrumentalism is a sight to behold). I’ve been to see them since, and they were just as good, as well as all kinds of excited about getting to appear at Glastonbury this year. They’re on early in the day in a way, but they’ll make a perfect start to your Sunday to get you in the mood for one last day of partying.


One of the main players from back in the days when drum n bass was actually good, his work on the LTJ Bukem’s Good Lookin’ label is still, well, timeless. Just as good these days, a proper pro. His real name’s Rupert you know.

Wu Tang Clan

Well, there’s no need for language like that now, is there.
Everyone’s mum, Everywhere.

Great to see the festival carrying on the hip hop vibe after Jay Z, Snoop and so on. Wu Tang have always been a bit more on the challenging end of the genre, in life as well as music. They always put on a great show, even without ODB these days (RIP). I wonder how many of them will turn up for the show this year.

No video for this one, cos I couldn’t find one that’s not just a load of swearing to music, but go search Youtube for them if you’ve not heard them before, they’re great.

So, those are my recommendations for who to see at Glasto this year. I’m going there to be educated though, and hope to discover loads more new bands, so if you’ve got a recommendation for who I should see, let me know!

Glastonbury 2011 – Gez’s Recommendations Part 1…

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ByGez Smith

I’m old dood. It’s taken sometime to admit it, but in the scheme of festival going, I’m now old. This year will be my 13th or 14th Glastonbury Festival, and the days when I stood and watched headliners on main stages are now long gone. Combine that with the fact that I seem to have lost touch with new stuff coming out, and the acts that excite me are for the most part well away from the main stages.

That said, one of the things I now love about Glastonbury is discovering new music, so I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open for as much new stuff as I can find on site this year. But there are some top acts that I do know about at this festival, and which some of you may not, so in the spirit of intergenerational sharing, here’s who I’d say you should be going to see at Glasto this year.

A Guy Called Gerald with Funktion One Experimental Soundfield

A Guy called Gerald is an utter legend in the early acid house scene, and rightly so. Voodoo Ray (below) is a choon of epic proportions. Funktion One are a massive name in festival sound, innovating so many of the sound system setups we take for granted these days. The Experimental Soundfield sounds a lot like what used to be down where Shangri La is now back around 1992, where indeed Orbital met and formed. Put these things together, and this is one not to be missed.

Asian Dub Foundation

I loved Asian Dub Foundation back in the late ’90’s, one of those acts that fused different styles together to make the end product be more than the sum of its parts. Will be interesting to see what they’re like these days.

BB King

Legend doesn’t even come close to summing up BB King. You want the blues? This man is the blues, still going at the age of 85. I was gutted to miss him back in the states in the late 90’s too, so this one will be laying a bit of a ghost for me too.

Big Audio Dynamite

Only reformed recently, Big Audio Dynamite were one of those bands that were around in the early 80’s, as the ethos of punk started to merge more publicly with reggae. Featuring Mick Jones from the Clash, Don Letts from, well, tons of stuff, it’s this year’s The Specials.

Billy Bragg

You can’t go to Glastonbury without going to see Billy Bragg doing something, ideally playing music. Make sure you stop off at his Leftfield Tent at least once whilst you’re there.

Bonobo (DJ Set)

I dunno why, but I really like Bonobo. Maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s the name, but they’re perfect at Glastonbury I reckon.

Cassetteboy + DJ Rubbish

Hard to explain this really, beats and mashups from a couple of top people. This is almost a live music version of the sort of stuff Cassetteboy gets up to by himself. If you haven’t heard his Jamie Oliver mashup, then you must check out the below.

DJ Shadow

Huge name, massively influential, Entroducing is still a top album. Always worth seeing.

Don Letts

Don Letts is also doing his own DJ set at Glastonbury, as well as appearing with Big Audio Dynamite as above. I saw him DJ’ing at Womad last year, and he was just epic, took DJ’ing to a whole new level, with a crate of vinyl to die for. If you like bass that tears the roof off, be there for this one.


It’s almost part of the license conditions for any UK music festival now, that Dreadzone has to be on the bill somewhere. As someone once said online ‘there are even people who’ve never been to a festival who have seen Dreadzone at a festival’. We had them up at Worthy FM a couple of years ago for their first ever acoustic set, and they were thoroughly lovely chaps. They’re great live, and you’re bound to know their track ‘Little Britain’, even if you don’t know them.

So that’s part one of my recommendations, part two coming very soon. Have you got anything you’d recommend I check out onsite?

Rocking out? There’s an app for that… Oh no wait

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The official Glastonbury mobile app has launched this week so I thought I’d share on the role that technology had on my festival last year.

I adore my gadgets, and although it is becoming quite unfashionable at the moment, I adore Apple products. Stick an ‘i’ on the front of something and I’ll more than likely buy it, or wish I could afford it. Now no self-respecting Apple fan would not have an iPhone, and I’m no different, but when it came to my first visit to the festival last year one issue was quite apparent, battery life.

Many of you would say that’s no problem, the festival had three “Orange Chill ‘n’ Charge Tents” where I could charge my phone, but frankly I didn’t pay all that money to wait for my phone to recharge. So after a bit of searching I dug my old phone out of a drawer, from a time of black and white screens and polyphonic ringtones to come to my aid. Where as I can leave my iPhone on the side and the battery will last a day, I could leave this phone on all week and it would still have some battery left to play a few games of snake.

It was when I arrived at the festival that I found I had made the right decision, it was truly a joy to go through five days, getting all the information I needed from a newspaper and Worthy FM. Few things can match lying hung-over in the morning sun, with the radio on, a sausage sandwich in one hand and a paper in the other.

This detox from the information superhighway did me good. I wasn’t constantly being that slightly irritating one with his phone out while you’re trying to tell a funny story, and I definitely wasn’t the person who stood messing with his phone while Jamie T was giving one of the best gigs of I have ever seen (I kid you not).

Jamie T on the John Peel Stage last year

Jamie T on the John Peel Stage last year

As John’s article earlier this month so eloquently put it “It’s all about the music” and that’s what it should be. Half the fun is getting your mates round before you leave to figure out who you want to see, only to find you’ve been far too ambitious with your plans. Half the fun is getting lost and finding some little karaoke bar in Shangri-La to spend your evening in. Half the fun is going with the flow, not worrying that you haven’t updated Facebook in the last ten minutes or that your clash-finder app is bleeping that an act you plainly wont be able to get to, and frankly can’t be bothered seeing anymore, because your having such a good time, is starting. I do understand that makes one and a half of the fun before I even mentioned the music, but I was on a roll.

I strongly recommend you leave the gadgets at home, especially if you’re an obsessive like me. The best thing is to bring an old cheap phone that it wont matter if it leaps from your pocket in a mosh pit, a camera, and of course a wind up or solar powered radio for tuning into Worthy FM. Take this advice and you’ll have a great festival.

Hayleigh’s Glastonbury Recommendation

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Now first off, I’ve never been to Glastonbury before.  This year I’ll not only be popping the Glastonbury festival cherry but also my Worthy FM Presenter one too.

But seen as it’s my first year as part of the Worthy FM team I feel I have a duty to you all to let you in on a little musical secret that I promise is set to really put the icing on your gorgeous big Glastonbury cake.

I know, I know, you’ve got your incredible headliners such as U2, Coldplay and Beyonce to check out over the weekend and trust me; I’ll be there along with you all too!  However on Friday and Sunday afternoon, can I be so bold as to direct you on a trip towards West Holts, past the Bandstand on your right and keep a look out on your left and listen out for people having a great time and you’ll find yourself at the ‘Bourbon Street Jazz and Blues’ stage.

On the ‘Bourbon Street Jazz and Blues’ stage on Friday 24th and Sunday 26th June from 4pm then 6pm you’ll find the outrageously talented singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chrissi Poland.

While her searing and soulful voice is her primary instrument, Chrissi is the consummate musician and is adept at piano, guitar and drums.

I first came across Chrissi last June 2010 at a Scissor Sisters gig at the Glasgow Barrowlands.  She’s been out on the road with the band since last year as one of two of their backing singers (along with the super talented Bridget Barkan).  The group have been touring constantly since early last year and this year were found touring America along with the Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga, on the stars famous ‘Monster Ball’ Tour.

However Chrissi will be finishing off a small UK tour at the end of June with her penultimate shows at Glastonbury on Friday 24th June from 4pm and then Sunday 26th June from 6pm on the Bourbon Street stage.

Check out one of the lovely ladies videos on YouTube below – to conclude my little recommendation I think it’s fair to say she’s got a ‘fair set of pipes on her’!!

Worthy FM Presenter launches music career

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ByGez Smith

As if there’s no end to his talents, Worthy FM’s own Guy Lloyd has recently launched a music career, as part of the UK’s hottest new boyband, ‘Girl Krush’.

Rumours of ‘Girl Krush’ appearing as a special guest at this year’s festival have only ever appeared in this sentence, a fact that looks unlikely to change as the festival draws near.

It’s All About The Music

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Glastonbury Dance tent 2008

My first Glastonbury festival was in 1986 when the local band I was in played in the cinema tent sometime during one afternoon. We were called “Abstract Expression” (oh dear!), but we were young…

It was a particularly memorable festival because of the Cure’s headlining performance with lasers during a thunder storm, and whenever I dream about Glastonbury festival it tends to feel like it did in 1986.

I went to a few during the late 80s early 90s, but started attending in earnest from 1993 and haven’t missed a single festival since then. 1993’s festival was also as a result of another local band I was in; “Asylum Beat” (which is a marginally better name, but not much) performing on the Avalon stage. This was a wildly enthusiastic performance with the emphasis on ”having fun” rather than the band being a tight cohesive unit – nevertheless it was another brilliant festival. The most memorable act that year was Transglobal Underground on the Jazz Stage (in an entirely different place to the current West Holts Stage) and their track ‘Temple Head’ still evokes the same warm feeling when I hear it today.

John in the studio, 2010

John presenting in the studio, 2010

I’ve been involved with Worthy FM (in it’s various forms) since 2004. Yes! That’s eight years! What a brilliant job; playing music and talking about music you’ve seen, talking about music you want to see, and traffic news too! Stan’s BBQ is always a highlight, and being completely swamped by music before, during and after the festival is a nice warm feeling. A personal highlights from last year was when I met three of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band in the studio.

Like anything in life there are always challenges to be faced: mud, sleep deprivation, sunburn, mobile phone signal strength, Stan’s flatulence, people backing into you whilst wearing rucksacks (to name a few) and who’ll ever forget the dance tent full of poo (instead of Autechre!)

The single best thing about Glastonbury Festival is that every year, without fail, I always stumble across some music I’ve never heard of before that completely blows me away. This can be the French Funk Federation with capes and massive ski boots shaking the foundation of the Jazz stage mid-afternoon, or a full Brazilian drum and brass orchestra lead by a ‘Duane Eddy’ type twanging guitar, or The Bad Shepherds playing folk versions of Punk songs, and many, many others too numerous to mention.

I know you can easily go to the festival and have a brilliant time without seeing any bands at all, as there are so many other varied (and often bizarre) forms of entertainment, but for me it’s all about the music.

My Mum thinks I‘ll grow out of it, but however big the crowds get, however muddy it becomes, however much money you end up spending on beer and noodles, whatever the lavatories get like (especially after all the beer and noodles), I’ll probably always want to go…

Glastonbury Clash-Up: The Dilemma

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Queens of the Stone Age or Beyoncé - who will you be watching?

Queens of the Stone Age or Beyoncé - who will you be watching?

Cheeky, Glastonbury slipped the line up early catching us all off-guard. I like their style! So the official line up includes everyone from Beyoncé and Queens of The Stone Age to The Wombles and Cee Lo Green, diverse and fantastic as ever.

Une problemo, as always: the inevitable clashes. Personally my big worry was Elbow against Mumford & Sons, but luckily that isn’t happening. Instead the battle for my attention is between White Lies verses Elbow verses James Blake. As I really am only into a couple of James Blakes tunes, I’ll knock him out of the competition first. So, White Lies versus Elbow. I am a big fan of White Lies, have been right from the start, and they are a band that fit perfectly on the Other Stage bill, sitting comfortably between Friendly Fires and the Chemical Brothers. On the Pyramid Stage, Paolo Nuitini plays before Elbow – I love him – and Coldplay after, THE band I cannot wait to see.

I am not a fan of dashing about at Glastonbury, I like to get comfy and enjoy what I am watching, without worrying about dashing to see something else when it finished, because that just isn’t what Glastonbury is about. In truth, when I get there, I will probably plonk myself at the Pyramid Stage from when Tinie Tempah shows up, unless I am distracted by some bizarre side show peddling piano-man on the other side of the festival…

The problem is, even if you want to catch the first half of one act and the second half of the other, it isn’t really feasible. Between the two main stages, if there was no one in your way I am guessing it would be about a five minute walk. However, there are about 170,000 people in your way… even moving from one stage to the other when acts have finished can prove tricky.

For example, say I go and watch White Lies on the Other Stage, I would have to leave as soon as Paolo Nutini finishes and try to find decent view. The Other Stage is different to the Pyramid Stage, there is not as much room for manoeuvre therefore everyone just pushes to the front. By the time you get to the Other Stage for your next act, they may well be taking to the stage, because there could be 50,000 others sharing your idea, and there really are only two ways round from The Pyramid Stage to the Other stage. Then, when that act finishes, you may want to go back to the Pyramid Stage for the headliner, and have to go through the same process. As I said earlier, sometimes it is just easier to stay put and enjoy your lot!

So White Lies, or Elbow? I do feel Elbow are more of a rarity, I don’t know what my justification for this is, but as they have just toured, I feel I may have more of a chance seeing White Lies another time, and if I am honest I cannot resist seeing them sing new single ‘Open Arms’ to a welcoming crowd with open arms. But then….what if I my ear twitches at the thought of ‘Farewell to the Fairground…’ I will probably decide a hundred times before I arrive, and then change my mind as I wonder around.

Other clashes of the festival include Morrissey verses Mumford and Sons, Fatboy Slim verses Crystal Castles and then there’s The Wombles against Chipmunk. Hold on? The Wombles against Chimpunk….for a minute there I thought the stages were being taken over by kids TV characters. ….they clash too!

My mind will be ticking along nicely with all these decisions until June but if you can’t wait until the festival to decide, check out Clashfinder for the most comprehensive guide to clashes on the net. If all else fails you could always flip a coin when you get there. If you genuinely like both then either way you won’t be disappointed, if it lands on tails and you feel a surge of disappointment: there is your answer!