Minty’s previous exciting Glastonbury moments and outstanding Glastonbury achievements include crying whilst watching Arcade Fire in 2014/then Radiohead in 2017, forgetting all tent pegs one year and going foraging for some new ones and running around the Glastonbury site in 2015 looking for drumsticks after his father Ryan set him a challenge on air.

Minty says:
“You never know what to expect here at Glastonbury…what you’re about to see or who you’re about to meet. It honestly creates a vibe like no other thing I’ve seen before. Can’t believe it’s been two years! I’m massively looking forward to returning back to what I call my second home this year and The Cure…how can I not hold back the tears?!

Can’t wait to rub shoulders with you all! Do say hi if you see me and don’t forget your tent pegs…because you’re not having mine!”