Mollie Perella

Mollie’s first Glastonbury was 2009 when she was 15 years old. Her mum took her out of school, and her teachers saw her on TV at the front of The Noisettes having the time of her life. Needless to say she wasn’t elected Head Girl that summer.

She’s been pretty busy in the years since then, including five more Glastonbury Festivals, each as fun and eye opening as the first, a bunch of other music festivals, three years of university resulting in a Multimedia Journalism degree, four years spent working as a freelance broadcast journalist as well as a three-month trip backpacking South America and six weeks exploring Japan.

She can’t wait to rejoin the Worthy FM crew  this year and once again experience the festival through a different perspective. There are loads of new things at Glastonbury which she’s really excited about, and maybe this will be the year she finally finds the underground piano bar!