Worthy FM Schedule Thursday 26th June

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ByGez Smith

Here’s a photo of the Worthy FM crew this year, what a smiley bunch.

Worthy FM Crew 2014 small Worthy FM Schedule Thursday 26th June

If you tune into Worthy FM today on 87.7fm, or online by clicking here, here’s what you can look forward to.

7am   – 9am   – Folk with Richard Harris
9am   – 10am – Guest DJ: Paul Young
10am – 11am  – Pam Muir Live from ETC
11am  – 12pm – Suzi’s Recommendation ‘BEST FROM Live on site’
12pm – 2pm   – Gez’s Punter Interaction live from Studio 2
2pm   – 3pm   – Worthy Crew
3pm   – 4pm   – Luke Barnes
4pm   – 6pm   – The Kids Show with Becky, Courtney, Iona, Evie & Phil
6pm   – 8pm   – Chris Ash & Bex Hayzelden
8pm   – 10pm – Ellie Wright & Finn Claydon
10pm – 12am -  The Legendary Daddy Teacha Reggae Show
12am – 2am   -  Urban Tunes with Dezzi Rankin
2am   – 5am   -  The Dance Show with Guest Mixes, Special DJ’s & Paul & Stalker
5am   – 6am   -  Karl Bos
6am   – 7am   -  Guest DJ: Rob Geary

New Police Recruits…

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ByGez Smith

Avon and Somerset Constabulary looking for new recruits in the Worthy FM compound at Glastonbury Festival 2014.

AS new recruits at Worthy FM New Police Recruits...

Worthy FM Schedule Wednesday 25th June

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ByGez Smith

We thought you might like to see a photo of our main compound from yesterday afternoon. Our second studio’s up and running in a public area between the Mutoid Waste Company and the Astrolabe, we’ll post a photo of that in a bit…

worthy fm compound Worthy FM Schedule Wednesday 25th June

Coming up on Worthy FM today we have;

11am – 1pm – The Green Fields with James Tighe
1pm – 2pm – Suzi & Steve Satan, live from the second studio
2pm – 4pm – Jade Worsely & Daniel Minty
4pm – 6pm – The Kids Show with Becky, Courtney, Iona, Evie & Phil
6pm – 8pm – After Dark with Sammy James & Carey Hadgraft
8pm – 10pm – Dave Decibel from Burning Man Discovers Glastonbury
10pm – 12am – The Daddy Teacha Reggae Show with Karl Bos
12am – 2am – Urban tunes with Dezzi Rankin
2am – 5am – The Dance Show with Dave Stalker & Paul Moore
5am – 7am – Guest DJ: Rob Geary

Emerging Talent Competition Feature

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ByGez Smith

Back in April, Worthy FM went along to the final of the Festival’s Emerging Talent Competition to have a chat with the performers before they went on, as well as catch up with some of the people behind the event.

We’ll be covering the competition and its acts daily during the festival itself, but in the meantime, click here to have a listen to what we got up on the day of the final.

Worthy FM Crew Competition Now Open

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ByGez Smith

The Worthy Fm crew competition is now open over on the Glastonbury Festival website.

Click here to find out more, and good luck!

Worthy FM 2014 Crew Competition

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ByGez Smith

Happy new year one and all!

Many of you have been getting in touch about our competition for places on the Worthy FM crew at Glastonbury 2014, so we thought we’d give you an update.

We will be running a competition for crew places again this year, and will be launching it at the end of this month.

Full details will be posted on here when it opens, so check back here in a few weeks time.

Love Is In The Air: A Glastonbury Marriage Proposal

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ByWorthy FM

Glastonbury marriage proposal Love Is In The Air: A Glastonbury Marriage Proposal

A couple of weeks ago we received an email from Worthy FM listener, Guy Miller, telling us that he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Vicky, at the festival and that he wanted us to capture the moment. Last year we had a Worthy FM first when a listener proposed live on air, so as a bunch of romantics, we jumped at the chance and made our way up to the Park on Thursday night to watch the magic unfold.

Even though the weather was a little undesirable, all systems were go as we met the bride-and-groom-to-be’s friends who were in on the secret and armed with 8 giant letters spelling ‘Marry Me?’. As the couple approached the excitement kicked in. Was he still going to do it? Would she say yes?!

Guy got down on one knee, popped the question and, to much delight from the gathering crowd, Vicky said “yes”. We were delighted to be there to capture the moment on audio and wish Guy and Vicky all the best for the future!

Just engaged Vicky and Guy Love Is In The Air: A Glastonbury Marriage Proposal

Come Rain or Shine: Weather at Glastonbury 2013

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ByWorthy FM

Glastonbury festival weather1 Come Rain or Shine: Weather at Glastonbury 2013

The weather forecast for Glastonbury Festival is a funny thing. Those of us going check it religiously in the weeks before the festival, desperate to understand what we could be getting ourselves in for.

After a fallow year, festival goers were even more eager to find out if Glastonbury 2013 would rival the 2010 festival (hot, dry and full of ice cream) or the Glastonbury of 2007 (the muddiest year in recent memory). The thing is, it doesn’t really matter what the forecast is. The decision to buy a ticket was made long before that annoying sunny/cloudy/rainy symbol appeared on our computer screens and televisions anyway.

Festival goers (and Brits) aren’t afraid of a little weather. We’ll be there with wellies, waterproofs, sunscreen, jumpers, straw hats and flip-flops, prepared for every eventuality. So far Mother Nature has been on our side, with gloriously sunny weather at the start of the week (when the Worthy FM crew arrived onsite) and a rainy afternoon yesterday. I’m happy to report that the sun is now shining over Glastonbury and the weekend is set to continue the theme – hurrah!



Au Naturale In The Common At Glastonbury…

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ByGez Smith

Last Glastonbury, myself and Guy went and did a Lost Horizons naked sauna in the Tipi Field. So when we got back on site, we got to planning how to top that this time.

Turns out Los Artistas Bohemios in The Common are running life drawing classes every night.

From 9pm to 11pm, the public can paint professional models. From 11pm to 6am, the roles reverse, and professional artists paint members of the public who volunteer to model

Sounded promising.

So last night, we headed over the The Common to give it a go. We were booked in for 11pm, and Guy Lloyd was ‘late’, so I had to dive in solo.

gez nude modelling the common glastonbury small Au Naturale In The Common At Glastonbury...

I’ve said it before, but being naked in public is an immensely relaxing thing. I was sat naked on a stage in front of a spotlight, whilst two men scrutinised every inch of me, and dozens of the public wandered in and took photos.

How is that relaxing? Well, when your worst nightmare is happening to you, all your others troubles pale into insignificance, so you end up feeling really chilled.

I also got the two paintings that were done to take home with me. Here they are on the wall on Worthy FM HQ.

gez nude paintings Au Naturale In The Common At Glastonbury...

We might be going back tonight with a group of us for more of the same, keep an eye out…

A trip through the Theatre & Circus fields

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ByWorthy FM

DSCN17091 A trip through the Theatre & Circus fields

We are spoilt at Glastonbury because not only does it offer a wide range of fantastic music but it also has a huge selection of alternative things to see and do. I always head down to the Theatre & Circus fields, it has a magical feel and I can guarantee you will have a good time!

The Theatre & Circus fields are away from the main stages and they are situated on some of the most historic and beautiful farmland in Somerset. The variety of acts on offer is simply amazing, ranging from hilarious comedy to drama, thought provoking to breathtaking stunts: you can interact with others or just sit and watch. At the last festival in 2011 I spent Sunday afternoon in the fields to do some recording for Worthy FM.

It was a lovely sunny day and there were plenty of people about, but because it covers three fields it never feels claustrophobic and there is always a lovely ambience. As I strolled through the area I noticed a wide range of colourful characters. There were cleaners vacuuming the grass, horses dressed in dinner suits, beautiful bees and Zebras on stilts, ladybirds with moustaches; it was all very surreal but enchanting, until I found myself surrounded by some menacing Trolls. Fortunately they turned out to be great characters and were only looking for hugs!

DSCN1706 225x300 A trip through the Theatre & Circus fields     DSCN1724 225x300 A trip through the Theatre & Circus fields     DSCN1707 225x300 A trip through the Theatre & Circus fields It was getting hot so I went in search of shelter, opting for the circus big top. The entertainment in there was simply spell binding, incredible trapeze artists, jugglers, contortionists, I lost all sense of time and emerged several hours later. Just over from the circus tent I heard some interesting noises coming from an area called the Sonic Forest.

In the ground there were sixteen 12 foot red metal poles with random holes placed in them, and by placing your hands over these holes your were able to make different sounds. Quite how it worked I have no idea but there were plenty of people of all ages enjoying the experience.

As I left the forest I was attracted by some singing. In front of me were twelve immaculately dressed men wearing Victorian suits, complete with top hats, and ladies were wearing long dresses with pink umbrellas protecting them from the sun. They surrounded me and asked me if I would like to be sung to. I agreed and the next thing I knew I had been blindfolded and the singing started. I have to say that it was a brilliant, moving experience and one that I would recommend.

There is so much more I could tell you, the drummers making superb music with wheelie bins, the poetry, outside music workshops playing drainpipes, bucking broncos… it’s a truly wonderful area and well worth a visit. Enjoy.