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ByGez Smith

Do you like talking?

Do you know lots of different words?

Do you know how to put those words in an interesting order?

Do you want to hear yourself on Worthy FM at Glastonbury Festival this summer?

If so, then here’s your chance to be heard by tens of thousands during the Glastonbury Festival.

Every year, Worthy FM puts together lots of little segments of audio, which we play to link things together and help people know which station they’re listening to. In the trade, they’re called things like ‘sweepers’ and ‘idents’, but you probably know them better as ‘Those Worthy FM things they play at the end of a song before a presenter starts talking again’.

This year, we’d like to invite all of you out there to have a go at recording one of these, then send it in to us.

If we like it, we’ll edit it professionally, perhaps add some music or sound effects to it, and put it in the collection of ones we play on air during the festival this year. So if your submission is chosen, you could be heard on air again and again and again throughout the week of the festival.

You don’t have to be a radio professional to do this, or even someone who’s done radio before. We’re looking to hear from anyone and everyone. We can’t offer you any prize for it either, other than the prize of being heard on air for a week all across the greatest festival in the world. Which is pretty cool in itself.

Interested? Here’s the criteria;

  • Record no longer than 10 seconds of audio
  • Save it in MP3 format
  • Email it to audio AT

What We’re Looking For

We don’t want to specify what we’re looking for too much, as we want you to be creative. However, your audio must be clearly audible and free from background noise, but you can record audio like that directly into most laptops these days.

Typically our idents contain phrases like ‘On 87.7fm, and online, this is Worthy FM’, or ‘You’re listening to Worthy FM’, so do try to include ‘Worthy FM’ in there at some point. Humour is often good, but if it’s offensive we can’t use it. We also can’t broadcast regular plugs for your band / company / Tumblr or whatever too, so  best leave those out of it, and keep it focused on Glastonbury Festival and /or Worthy FM.

For reference, here are some of the ones we’ve used in previous years. Don’t be too influenced by them though, surprise us!

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